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Serial Beggar Stalkers Speak Out

Giving Serial Beggar my money gave me so much satisfaction that I wet myself. Just thinking about it sends me into spasms even now!

- M.E.

The tsunami of well being I have knowing that I am doing Serial Beggar a substantial monetary favor is enormous. I wish you can have this feeling too.

- M.Y. Self

Why didn't Serial Beggar think of this sooner! What the Hell am I doing with all my money when Serial Beggar could do so much more with it?

- I.

Those big name charities are like leaches. You give to them once and they pester you to death with snail mail SPAM. Serial Beggar is infinitely more courteous. Every time I give him my money, it's like I don't exist. Serial Beggar doesn't bother me and I'm grateful.

- W.E.

Serial Beggar is da' Man! I give to him all the time.

- U.S.

I love you Serial Beggar! My life has changed for the better after I gave you all my money. Who knew that money could have such an influence when it is in your hands.

- T. Hey

Just knowing that you are using my money is reason enough to me to keep giving it to you. I'm sending some more.

- T. Hem

Thanks for offering such a great web site. Whenever I feel depressed, I visit and I perk right up.

- H. Im

I can barely express my eagerness to give you some more money. Please have my baby.

- H. Er

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