Serial Beggar - Hate Your Family? Have No Friends? Make Me Your Beneficiary!

Ugly Hill comic strip by Paul Southworth

Stop Supporting Charities!

Did you know that only a few cents of every donated dollar raised from the public is actually received by a charity? Many organizations hire professional solicitors to do their fundraising and they are well paid for it. At you have the opportunity to give directly to the needy: Me.

Giving me your money is one of the very best things you can do for me.

I will smile every time I think of receiving your money. I will grin every time I hold your money in my hand. I will laugh with unsuppressed glee every time I use your money to make a purchase. Having such power over my emotions is akin to being a god. Will you wield your power wisely as my patron? I believe you can.

Do Not Delay!

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