Serial Beggar - Hate Your Family? Have No Friends? Make Me Your Beneficiary!

Frequently Asked Questions

» Who are you?

I am the Serial Beggar. I am a professional, Internet-based beggar specializing in the receipt of internationally accepted currencies which are willfully gifted to me. Although, if you offer sincerely, I may accept tangible items too.

» So you accept money, do I get anything?

Beg, by definition is to ask for charity. I am asking and because you want to, you will give me some money. I am not selling anything, so you will not get anything in return. However, many Serial Beggar supporters have reported that they achieved immense spiritual gratification after giving to me. You may have a chance to experience this too, but I offer no guarantees. And hey, you'll never know until you give me your money.

» What if I gave and changed my mind? Can I get a refund?

As I said, Serial Beggar is not selling anything. When you gave your money to me, it was done voluntarily and without any expectations. Begging is a one way transaction. And besides, it is not polite to ask for a gift back.

» Are you a non-profit organization or something?

No, I'm just an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit. And I definitely want profit. Lots of it. If it makes you feel any better, at this moment in time I can honestly say that the Serial Beggar is an un-profitable operation. I know you are the right type of person who will do your bit to help me change this as quickly as possible.

» Why are you doing this?

A shrink could write a case study about my reasons, but it all really just comes down to: I want your money.

» and ... What are you going to do with my money?

Hey, don't get so nosy. Just because you are giving me your money doesn't entitle you to be a voyeur to my life. Let's just say that I have a lot of plans that I can put your money to good use for. You can trust that your money will be well spent.

» Why are you begging on the Internet?

I believe the Internet is the most economical communications medium for me to get my message out to the most people. The old saying in the sales business applies to begging too: "it's a numbers game." Thus, the more people who know that I am ready to accept their money, the more will realize their opportunity and grasp it. Are such a person? Are you ready to give me your money now?

» This endeavor sounds pretty progressive and unique.

Unfortunately, I am not the only beggar on the Net. The Serial Beggar is actually a late comer to the begging scene. Just like urban streets throughout time, you can find a beggar on every other street if you pause a moment to really look around.

» Really? Who are some these other beggars.

Since the Serial Beggar is still a dirt-poor beggar, I will not give out any referrals to my competitors. I've got to protect my turf, ya know. I will point out that you should realize some of the senior beggars have been around for many years and have already reached serious profitability. Thus they are not as hard up for your money as I am.

» Well, then what differentiates you from the unwashed masses?

OK, let me spell it out to you. The Serial Beggar is still small concern. You are here, NOW, at the beginning of my begging venture. You have the opportunity to give me your money before the Serial Beggar brand explodes into a household name. You can proudly boast to your friends for decades to come that you were a Serial Beggar patron well before it became "The Chic Thing To Do".

» Wow. I'm really psyched now. How much money should I give you?

As a beggar, I do not set any limitations as to how much you give me. If you really need a guideline, then I suggest that you just give me all the money you have access to. Feel free to come back as often as necessary to complete your giving. For your convenience, you can set up monthly auto-gifting to me.

» How do I give you my money? Is it safe?

Serial Beggar uses PayPal for convenient and secure payment processing. PayPal is an eBay company and has been a trusted tool for eBay auction buyers and sellers for years. In addition, Serial Beggar is PayPal Verified, so you can be certain that I really do exist.

» I've given you all I can, but I still want to give more. What can I do?

I truly thank you for your dedication. I have often said that you can have no greater satisfaction than to give me your money. Many Serial Beggar supporters have discovered that a second and even a third job can greatly increase their giving power to the Serial Beggar. The less ambitious ones just find a higher paying job. Keep in mind that I really do appreciate you, so do they best you can.

» Can I link to your site?

Yes, most definitely and I thank you for doing so. I encourage everyone to help others learn about me, so I may beg to them too.

Alright, no more dilly-dallying.

Send me money now